"Do We Have A New Cleaning Service? This Place Looks Great!"

If you'd like to hear comments like this from your employees and tenants, welcome to First Impressions -- where our sole purpose is to turn your janitorial problems into solutions -- and to consistently do such a great job that you'll be a valued Customer forever.

* Services include trash removal and recycling, true rest-room sanitation, detail vacuuming, complete dust control, hard-floor maintenance, and more - everything your facility needs to be ready for business, every day.

* Family-owned and operated, with Owners who are in our Customers' buildings every night, making sure we're keeping our promises to you.

* We are not a franchise, so our quotes aren't weighted with franchise fees.

* We don't buy nor sell contracts, and we don't sub-contract -- we pay our people by the hour, ensuring they'll take the time to do the job right.

* We use natural, people-friendly and environment-friendly cleaning products.

* Your facility will be staffed by qualified personnel -- they are rigorously background-checked, thoroughly trained, and are already proving in the other areas of their lives that they have the honesty, drive and dependability that we and our Clients demand. 

We'd love to show you just how good janitorial really can be -- call Don Glasgow today for a competitive, zero-pressure quote on your cleaning needs.

We Provide Guaranteed Cleaning & Janitorial Services For Businesses Just Like Yours.

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